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I am so grateful that you have landed on my page and I welcome

you to this space that has been created to empower you and help you connect with your inner wisdom.   My approach is to bridge my passion for nutrition, meditation, yoga, wellness and self-care and help individuals connect with their inner knowing and guidance in a healthy, energising, healing and motivating way.​


Having worked in various settings over the past 25 years including corporate, private practice, and hospitals I have found that creating a positive relationship with self has the greatest impact on our lives and in the lives of those around us.   Over the years, I have learned to connect to myself through meditation and mindfulness and have learned to slow down and listen to my inner voice.  That is my wish for you too.

What we do?

Together with my team of handpicked professionals, empowerment coaches, mindset coaches, parenting coaches, yoga teachers, holistic therapists, leading chefs, mindfulness experts, doctors, and other experts in the field of self development I create well-being events and retreats.  During our events and retreats I connect like-minded women, who all have the same mission - to prioritise their own self-care in order to create better physical and emotional balance in our busy lives.  

 When we slow down we can connect to the whisper inside of us that guides our next step.  Is it a new job, a new passion or just the wisdom we need to take that next step for our health?  The answers all are within and my programs are designed to help you connect with you and others who are on the same path of inner growth and learning.   

I look forward to welcoming you to an upcoming event.

Logo - mandala.jpg

Perhaps you are moving too fast or exhausted from putting everyone else first. Or maybe you're not taking care of what you need to, to thrive. Does your mind and body just simply need some time to relax, recharge and renew?

Take a look at one of our upcoming events to empower you.

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