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"I cannot recommend a retreat with Jacqueline highly enough. Jacqueline nurtured us and allowed us to grow throughout the weekend. The location was incredible and the friendly team made it a very special experience. I look forward to our next retreat with this wonderful lady. Thank you."

"I've taken part in several wellness challenges spearheaded by Jacqueline and I love how they foster a focus on wellbeing at work while also building a sense amongst us all that there is support for making healthy choices and changes to our lives. I’ve also been lucky enough to take part in a couple of her mindfulness sessions with different groups and it’s impressive to see how she is able to meet a group – and the individuals within a group – where they are so that even those who may have started off feeling wary of  mindfulness are willing to join in and give it a go. Simply put, she’s great at what she does!"

Madeline Higgins, Evoke Group

"After an exhausting week of 24/7 meetings, it was wonderful to have Jacqueline guide us through a relaxing meditation session. Many of the participants live with chronic migraine and Jacqueline’s method was perfect. In preparing for the session, Jacqueline basically prompted our brief (in other words “she knows her stuff”); asking about the participants, wanting to genuinely understand their needs. She was very happy to suggest a proposed approach and also to amend her usual process to ensure that the participants got the most out of the session. The session was unanimously enjoyed and appreciated. I would definitely recommend Jacqueline to lead a meditation or mindfulness session. Her ability to meet the 'client brief' is spot on."

Jenny Fitzgerald, Advocacy Manager Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

"I had the great pleasure of joining one of Jacqueline’s retreats in September 2018 in the Wicklow mountains.  I have been on several retreats previously but this one really stood out for me as she and her colleagues took a very holistic approach to everything we did.  Eating mindfully, in particular, was a new one for me, and combining this with appreciating the benefits of what we were consuming was quite enlightening. Jacqueline is incredibly intuitive and focuses on each individual’s needs, helping you to build a programme of self-care which can then be adopted for the long term.


This, probably, was my biggest take-away from the retreat. I realised, finally, the acute need to prioritise and maintain my own physical and mental health as a busy working Mum travelling constantly around the globe.  This is now something I keep in check on a regular basis having applied many of Jacqueline’s techniques to my daily life.  Aside from the practical solutions Jacqueline offers, everything she does is delivered with loving kindness and it is impossible not to warm to her right away!"

Alix Wiseman

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