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Since 2009, I have also been active in corporate wellness. Ten years ago, my husband started a global healthcare public relations and advocacy firm, (, and I worked with him to create internal programmes and philosophy where we highlighted that employees should always be the most important resource in any company. The company created an environment where Evoke KYNE really was the best place to work, thanks to a wellness programme that prioritised employee wellbeing in all business operations.

Through mindfulness activities, bespoke classes and encouragement towards healthy food and diet choices, we support our own employees, and have gone on to implement the same programmes and benefits in a range of other likeminded corporate setting.

Have a look through our articles and read about how I have created over 20 hugely popular and effective Wellness Challenges for corporate settings, which has helped create a healthy and competitive balance at work and inspire employees to get moving, eating well, meditating and making a difference in their lives and the lives of others. The challenges are all activity-based for maximum participation and benefit and bring mindful and conscious living practices back to the workplace.

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